UX Design

The purpose of Estereo's redesign was to create a more intuitive and visually appealing user experience, leveraging user research, innovative ideas, and technology to meet user needs and increase revenue.
Web Design

About the project

As a freelance UX/UI Designer, I redesigned Estereo's outdated website to create a modern, user-friendly interface that met customer needs and aligned with their brand image. Through comprehensive user research, I identified pain-points and focused on critical areas first, including creating an interactive spirits menu and developing a system for rapid updating. By adopting a mobile-first approach, I ensured optimal viewing on all devices, resulting in increased Mezcal sales and exceeding client expectations.

Project execution

Role: As a freelance UX/UI Designer, I managed the product design process and delivered outstanding user experience by seeking and incorporating feedback from stakeholders and industry experts.

Background: Estereo, a popular Chicago bar, needed to modernize its outdated and user-unfriendly website to remain competitive and maximize its potential.

Problem: The current website lacked user-friendliness, resulting in a poor customer experience with inadequate information.

Goals: My goals were to design a modern, user-friendly interface, develop a system for rapid updating, and create an interactive cocktail and spirits menu.


  • Conducted user research to understand customers' needs and preferences.
  • Generated How Might We (HMW) questions to ideate solutions.
  • Formed product strategy through market and competitor analysis.
  • Adopted a mobile-first approach.
  • Designed a style guide and homepage.
  • Enhanced spirits menu to align with Estereo's brand image.

Impact: The redesign successfully brought in new guests and increased Mezcal sales, achieving my objectives and exceeding client expectations.

Learning: Through this project, I broadened my UX design skills and knowledge and learned the value of exploring new cultures and experiences to meet user needs.

Next Steps: To ensure ongoing success and relevance, regular monitoring and analysis of user behavior and feedback will provide valuable insights for continuous optimization.

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